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Corporations, Partnerships, and LLCs

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Our goal is to free you up to work on your business, not for your business.

Our team invests hours of research and education into staying on top of the most recent tax law changes in order to guarantee our clients the benefits they seek. We use our knowledge and experience to aggressively minimize taxes as much as allowed by law. At San Diego Tax Professionals we believe in establishing long-term relationships with our clients and providing them our business services and tax advice throughout the entire year. Providing clients with this personal attention is essential to helping us get to know each client’s circumstances and earn their trust.

We start by discussing your business concept, objectives and general overview of your company.  From there we can dig deeper.  We will collect your QuickBooks file so we can review the entire year. This helps us understand your business and allows us to make recommendations each year so you can make small timely adjustments rather than rushed, costly, reactionary or last minute decisions. This step of tax preparation is crucial, yet often overlooked by too many tax firms, simply focusing on filing the tax return from only financial statements.

Tax Planning

  • Does your entity type match your tax planning goals?

  • Do you qualify for the California New Employee tax credit?

  • Is your internal company basis limiting your deductions?

Our focus is on reducing stress and adding value to each client’s tax situation. Too many tax preparers simply collect the numbers at year end, assemble a tax return, and present the outcome, without any regard for the origins of the tax burden nor much thought to assist you with making meaningful adjustments to produce more beneficial results in the months and years ahead. If you believe a tax professional should do more than simply prepare your tax return, we agree.

Whether you are seeking tax planning for a Partnership Firm, LLC, or Corporation in San Diego, you likely want a trusted tax advisor that you can count on.  If you need help with creating your entity (S corporation, C Corporation, LLC, or Partnership) and filing the appropriate documents with the state, ask about our Entity Creation Services – (619) 282-1040.

At San Diego Tax Professionals, we regularly work with our clients to become an integral part of their tax compliance and reduction strategies. Tax season after tax season, we retain upward of 96% of our clients and our business continues to grow primarily from word of mouth referrals. We are local – near you so that questions can be answered in a timely manner and so that we are available to meet in person at our office when convenient or necessary.  We believe in developing partnerships with our clients, being available to them year-round. Our clients are our allies and we understand how to formulate tax saving strategies particular to their needs and goals.

To discuss tax planning and saving strategies for your Corporation, Partnership, or LLC call us at  (619) 282-1040, or contact us.

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